Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tofu with Korean Gochujang Mayo

I’m kind of obsessed with Korean gochujang sauce right now. I just love its sweet and spicy flavor. It's so delicious with tofu and veggies. I picked up a bottle of Annie Chun's gochujang sauce at Whole Foods a few weeks ago and now it’s all gone. Time to re-stock! Last night, I mixed some gochujang sauce with Vegenaise…wow, it was like a spicy, creamy aioli sauce with sweet undertones. I served it over some pan-fried tofu. What a fabulously simple dinner!
For the tofu:
  • I used a block of extra firm tofu, sliced, and fried in a little bit of olive oil.  
  • While frying, I drizzled the tofu with a some soy sauce and then sprinkled each side with nutritional yeast.
For the gochujang mayo:
  • I didn’t measure; you can use varying amounts of gochujang sauce and Vegenaise depending on how spicy you like your food.  
  • Those are just chopped chives for contrast. :)
For the green beans:
  • The green beans were sautéed in some olive oil and gochujang sauce. As I said, I just love this stuff!
If you’d like to make the gochujang sauce from scratch, there’s a simple recipe here.  Also, this cute little plate is from the new Muji store that recently opened in San Francisco. I love the little bento-box-like compartments...reminds me of TV dinners. 
Enjoy! :)