Monday, October 22, 2012

VeganMoFo Day 16: Dark Chocolate Chip Almond Sea Salt Cookies

Grocery stores can be one big trap. I should know better than to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach because that usually means a full cart. And then when you make it to the checkout line, you’re surrounded by candy, chocolate, magazines, and other things you don’t really need (sometimes I really do need chocolate though…). The other day, a bar of Chocolove’s almond-sea-salt-dark-chocolate-bar was staring me down while I waited to pay for my goods. So, I did what anyone would do: I bought it, chopped it up, and made cookies!

For the cookie part, I used Dreena Burton’s tried and true vegan Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. If you haven’t tried it yet, do it. It’s the best cookie recipe in the world.  Hands down. 

Some notes:
  • One bar of chocolate is enough to make a dozen cookies.
  • I didn’t really taste any sea salt after trying a piece of the chocolate. So, to ensure that these cookies had that salty/sweet combo, I sprinkled them with some sea salt before baking.  
I once made cookies using a chopped up green earl grey tea flavored dark chocolate bar made by The Tea Room and the results were amazing. In this case, it would’ve been much more cost-effective to use good old chocolate chips and chopped almonds. Don’t get me wrong, these cookies were crazy delicious. I’ll just use a more exotic flavored chocolate bar next time to get more bang for my buck.

The cool thing about Chocolove bars is that each one comes with a love poem on the wrapper (awwwww). I don’t think I’ve ever actually stopped to read the poem before because I was too busy devouring the chocolate. So, for your viewing pleasure and mine, here’s the poem that came with the chocolate bar:
Sweet. :)